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Featuring our young PropNexians who have achieved great success

(For real estate agents age 30 and below with less than 3 years of experience)

2023 2nd Quarter

Congratulations to Kenneth Yeo on his remarkable achievement, securing the 29th position in the PropNex Gen for the 2nd quarter of 2023. What makes this even more impressive is that Kenneth started his real estate journey less than a year ago.


Kenneth's consistent dedication and perseverance have truly paid off. As his leader, I've had the privilege of witnessing his passion and hard work firsthand. This achievement not only reflects his performance but also serves as an inspiration to everyone, demonstrating what can be accomplished with determination.


Kenneth, your journey is just beginning, and I'm excited to see where your drive will take you next. Keep up the fantastic work and know that your efforts are making us all proud.

PropNex Gen is a dynamic and innovative initiative within the real estate industry, designed to empower and nurture the next generation of top-performing agents. Through specialized training, mentorship programs, and cutting-edge technology integration, PropNex Gen equips aspiring agents with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to excel in today's competitive market. With a focus on fostering talent, embracing modern practices, and fostering a collaborative community, PropNex Gen is reshaping the future of real estate by preparing agents to meet evolving client needs and market trends.

Why Compromise When You Can Join the Best

Having the collective understanding from our new and experienced salespersons with a strong network of over 11,000 PropNexians, we have carefully mapped out a robust roadmap to help our agents swiftly leap over to success. In addition, we have developed our proprietary industry-leading mobile app to enhance our agents’ ability to work out the most complex property transactions or investment planning.

And in PropNex, we have always believed in empowering our agents with the most updated and relevant trainings. The trainings spearheaded by our Executive Director, Mr Kelvin Fong and delivered by many of our leading agents have been highly-acclaimed and most effective in the industry. Both new and experienced agents have greatly benefitted from these trainings due to its market-relevancy and authenticity when applied in the field.

Therefore, we are confident that you will be able to benefit from it like many of our achievers and be a PropNex Gen achiever!

Whether you are looking for
we have both to offer.

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